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Why Choose Fortress Self Storage?

All storage facilities are not equal, yet they all cost about the same. Fortress Self Storage of Bakersfield takes pride in setting the standard in personal, as well as business storage. But are you getting your money's worth? What are the differences in features from one facility to another? Below are the reasons that Fortress is the best storage facility for your money.


Computerized Gate Access

Fortress Self Storage uses state of the art security equipment that controls access into and out of the property. Once a customer is signed up for a storage unit, they will choose a unique code that will grant access to and from our facility. Our state of the art, keypad entry system is integrated through our digital security system and allows authorized customers through the security gate.

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Door Alarms

Every storage unit at Fortress Self Storage is equipped with an individual door alarm that is disarmed and armed by the renter's PIN number as they enter and leave through the main gate. The individual unit door alarm also provides an added deterrent.

An added benefit of this computerized system is that it tracks and records all door activity. These records can be helpful if you share your unit with another family member or employee -- each person authorized to access your unit can have their own code.

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Cameras and Digital Recording

The more cameras a self storage site has, the fewer blind spots there will be and the greater deterrent the system will provide. Fortress has 22 cameras recording digitally, 24 hours a day with DVR storage of 60+ days. Our competitors have as few as one camera. At Fortress, cameras are installed on each driveway, entry and exit gate, and at various perimeter points. At any time during the 60+ day period, images from our video archive can be printed or saved to disk for future reference. We are constantly evaluating and updating, as needed, the camera and DVR system for our site. Keeping an eye on cutting edge security technology and investing to protect your property is a top priority at Fortress.

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Resident Manager

Having a manager in residence is another deterrent for criminal activity. But sometimes the manager may need to be out of town during their time off, which is why Fortress provides two apartments: one for our resident manager and one for the relief manager. By giving our relief manager a place to stay onsite, it increases the likelihood of someone being around to notice any criminal activity.

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At Fortress Self Storage, we strive to maintain our modern facility as the cleanest in Bakersfield to make you comfortable and to preserve your belongings.

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Climate Control

Climate Controlled Units

Each of Fortress' climate controlled buildings has two separate air conditioners -- one unit to keep the facility below 78 degrees at all times, and the other as a backup in case of problems with the first. Climate control is vital for safely storing your property as any variation from the environment which it has become accustomed, that of your home or office, can cause changes to it. This is especially true with natural items, such as wood or fiber products, and modern electronics. To learn more, please visit our "What You Should Know Before You Store" page.

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Quality Construction

Standing-Seam Roofing

While the more expensive choice for roofing for a storage facility, Fortress Self Storage uses standing-seam, metal roof construction, which is the best option for protecting our customer's possessions. Unlike mopped tar or ribbed metal, there are no fasteners penetrating the standing-seam roof, which would allow water leakage as temperature changes cause expansion and contraction in the material. Instead, screws are attached away from the extra deep channels that carry water off the roof. Overall, water leaks are unheard of with the standing-seam roofing that covers our facilities at Fortress.

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Building Construction

Fortress Self Storage uses metal for building construction. It is the best choice for storage facilities as it is fire resistant and does not attract termites or insects.

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Convenience Services

Automatic Pay Option

If you wish to avoid the trouble of monthly bill payments and fees for late payment, just sign up for our auto pay option. We will be happy to just automatically debit your credit card each month at no extra charge.

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No Fee Guarantee Option

Fortress Self Storage will keep your credit card information on file. If you become late with payments, we will charge your credit card, at no additional charge, to spare you any late fees.

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Cash Referrals

Fortress Self Storage actually pays you for referrals! We appreciate when customers tell others about their positive experience with us and we like to reward that kindness. As a thank you, when you tell someone about Fortress Self Storage and they become our customer, we will reward you for that referral by applying 50% of their first month's storage fee to your account.

Please contact us at (661) 831 - 3141 for complete details and to receive your customer referral reward.

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Self Storage Packing Supplies

We offer a complete line of packing and moving supplies at Fortress Self Storage. Please browse our Moving Supplies Catalog to see what we have for you onsite. We also provide dollies and furniture carts for our customers to use on the facilities' premises during office hours.

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Full Refund of Unused Packing Materials!

Fortress Self Storage will give a full refund for each item returned that is still in its original purchase condition (unopened and unused). Refunds apply to all items purchased within the last 30 days and will be credited to your storage account.

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Unit Sizes Available

While older storage facilities frequently have only one or two unit sizes to choose from, Fortress Self Storage has a large selection of sizes to let you SAVE MONEY by renting only the space that you need.

We have 10ft, 12ft, 15ft and 18ft wide units with door heights of 7ft, 8ft, 10ft and 13ft 6in. We also offer some units with doors on both ends for added convenience. Overall, Fortress Self Storage has 24 different sizes to precisely meet your storage needs. To find out what size unit you need, please check our Unit Size Chart with the guide for choosing the right size.

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Fortress Self Storage is located right next to the freeway at Hwy 99 and White Lane. Please see our Hours & Directions page for a map and more information.

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  • Close to Hwy 99
  • Extended hours available
  • Drive up access to your storage unit
  • Extra-wide driveways that provide plenty of maneuvering room for the largest moving trucks
  • Moving supplies, locks, and boxes sold on the premises.
  • Pay by cash, check, credit card or with AUTO PAY
  • Electric door openers on larger units
  • Deliveries accepted
  • Forklift available

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Business Services

Business Services

Fortress Self Storage offers several unique services beneficial to our business customers:

  • Fortress can accept deliveries for you
  • We offer large units up to 18 ft x 45 ft with electric doors up to 13 ft 6 inches tall.
  • Interior, commercial lighting and limited electrical hookups available.
  • Telephone and fax lines available in some units.
  • Climate controlled units are available for your temperature sensitive business needs.

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