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Choosing the Right Size

How much space will you need?

Unit Size

How much will it fit?

5 x 5

Small furniture or several boxes of seasonal items and/or files.
Equivalent to a large hall closet.

5 x 10

Furniture for an average bedroom. Large boxes; couch, chairs and tables; bikes.
Equivalent to a small to medium walk-in closet.

10 x 10

Furniture for a one bedroom apartment. Several boxes; appliances; tables and chairs; mattresses; couch and love seat.
Equivalent to a small bedroom.

10 x 15

Furniture for a two bedroom apartment. Mattresses; several boxes; appliances; tables, chairs; couches, love seat, entertainment center; small sports car.
Equivalent to a large bedroom.

10 x 20

Furniture for a three bedroom apartment or a small house. Mattresses; boxes; appliances; tables and chairs; couches, entertainment center; work-out equipment; an average size car; commercial storage for inventory or equipment.
Equivalent to an average, one-car garage.

10 x 25

Furniture for a four bedroom hoom. Commercial storage; boats; trailers.
Equivalent to 1.5 times the space of a one-car garage.

10 x 30

Furniture for a four to five bedroom home. Commercial storage; boats; lots of boxes.

Additional Options

  • Door Size: 7', 8', 10', 13.6'
  • Door at Each End
  • Climate Controlled

Please see our Storage Units page to see which sizes are available with the various options.

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